This Day in WW II History

February 26

1942 February 26 Vivian Bullwinkel, the only survivor of the Banka Island Massacre, is captured and imprisoned by the Japanese.
1942 February 26 Notice is issued by the Minister of Justice ordering all persons of "the Japanese race" to leave the coast. Cars, cameras and radios confiscated. Dusk-to-dawn curfew is imposed.
1943 February 26 Rommel retreats northward from the Mareth Line in Tunisia.
1944 February 26 The "Big Week" bombing campaign comes to a successful conclusion; the American P-51 Mustang fighter with its long range proves invaluable in protecting American bombers over Germany.
1944 February 26 Red Air Force continues to bomb Helsinki, as Finland continues peace talks.
1945 February 26 Syria declares war on Germany and Japan.
1945 February 26 After ten days of fighting, American and Filipino troops recapture Corregidor.