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The Canadian West Coast became a ship building powerhouse during the Second World War for both Naval and merchant ships. Additional information regarding the construction, record and ultimate fate of these ships will be added to these pages as this project progresses with current information available through the links listed below.

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Builder: Burrard Dry Dock Co. Ltd., North Vancouver

Construction Started: 11 April 1940

Launched: 18 July 1940

Commissioned :17 December 1940

Pennant #: K175

Atlantic 1941-45;[1] Gulf of St. Lawrence 1944

Decommissioned :1946

sold to Venezuelan Navy as ARV Victoria

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Displacement: 925 long tons (940 t; 1,036 short tons)

Length:205 ft (62.48 m)o/a

Beam: 33 ft (10.06 m)

Draught: 11.5 ft (3.51 m)

Propulsion: 2750ihp Steam reciprocating engine with a 4-cylinder Triple expansion engine with 2 Scotch marine boilers.

Speed: 16 knots (29.6 km/h)

Compliment: 85

1 × BL 4 in (102 mm) Mk.IX single gun
2 × .50 cal machine gun (twin)
2 × Lewis .303 cal machine gun (twin)
2 × Mk.II depth charge throwers
2 × depth charge rails with 40 depth charges

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